2020 – Make Your Health a Priority

There is no better time than the start of a new decade to make your health a priority! Healthy habits improve your overall well-being by benefiting your physical, mental, and emotional health. Your health is the greatest investment you will ever make. Don’t wait for illness to start valuing wellness.

Being physically active on a regular basis has been shown to improve people’s health and decrease their risk for cardiovascular disease. It also may help decrease healthcare costs and utilization. A survey published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that adults who engaged in at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity at least five times per week had lower healthcare costs and doctor visits compared with those who did not exercise as much. Participants with cardiovascular disease who regularly exercised averaged $2,500 lower annual healthcare costs than those who did not exercise on a regular basis. Participants with optimal physical activity were less likely to have cardiovascular disease risk factors or comorbid conditions and more likely to have a better health and socioeconomic status.

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Healthy eating not only helps maintain a healthy weight and improve energy levels, it can contribute to reducing costs related to medical services as well. Many Americans suffer from one or more chronic diseases related to poor eating habits. The most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) concluded that healthy eating patterns are associated with a lower risk for certain chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers. This study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics quantified the potential cost savings, in terms of direct medical costs and indirect costs, associated with more closely following the DGA-recommended eating patterns. Findings from this study suggest that increasing compliance to healthy eating patterns could reduce annual health care and indirect costs, with billions of dollars in potential savings.


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When you practice healthy habits, you also boost your chances of living longer. The American Council on Exercise reported that those who walked just 30 minutes each day significantly reduced their chances of dying prematurely, compared with those who did not exercise consistently. If you’re looking forward to having more time with loved ones let that motivate you to keep moving!

We have all heard the saying “please put on your own oxygen mask before assisting those around you.” It is easy to put the needs of others first, but when you prioritize your own health through the choices you make, you are better equipped to take care of family and friends. Eating healthy, staying hydrated, being active, getting enough sleep, and managing stress must be a lifestyle. Choosing to get up early to go to the gym before work, making time for a walk, cooking dinner instead of eating out are some the things that can keep you charged and balanced. Remember, “He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.” Happy New Year from Physical Therapy Institute! Let us help you prioritize health in 2020.