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Does Diet Influence Pain?


Does Diet Influence Pain? Many factors can contribute to pain such as biomechanics, activity level, tissue tolerance, psychosocial factors, sleep, and also nutrition. Dietary habits are fundamental to health and well-being, and foods with certain nutrients may help individuals prevent acute and chronic pain. There are substances in foods that [...]

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Comeback Plan After an Injury


Comeback Plan After an Injury Sometimes no matter how smart we train, or how much we prepare for an activity, injuries happen. You might roll your ankle landing from a rebound, develop shoulder pain during your regular weight training, or strain your lower back doing yard work. These are all [...]

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The Secret to Preventing Injury


The Secret to Preventing Injury Both overtraining and under training increase injury risk. The body develops resilience through exposure to physically demanding activities that prepare it to handle the demands placed on it. For athletes, proper exposure to the demands of the sport will decrease the risk of being injured during [...]

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Reduce Pain With Exercise – It’s Easier Than You Think


Reduce Pain With Exercise - It's Easier Than You Think There is growing evidence that when it comes to many aches and pains, our exercise choices do not have to be as specific or ‘correct’ as most people think they do. In fact, ALL exercise reduces pain in many different [...]

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10 Exercises You Can Do At Work


10 Exercises You Can Do At Work Sitting at a desk all day isn’t good for you. It raises your chances of getting heart disease or Type II Diabetes, and it’s even tied to weight gain. This makes sense since it’s hard to burn calories while sitting down all day. [...]

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