COMMUNITY Involvement

We believe in giving back to the community that supports us.


Little Rock Miracle League

PTI is a sponsor for the Little Rock Miracle League. Since 1998 the Miracle League’s mission has been to provide opportunities for all children to play baseball regardless of their ability. Disabled children in our community had expressed the desire to dress in uniform, make plays in the field, and round the bases just like their typical peers. The Miracle League strives to assist these special youngsters.

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National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the immune system that attacks the myelin coating around the nerves in the central nervous system. This “scarring” from the inflammation attacks each and every person differently and in varying degrees but the most common concerns are falls and fatigue. Physical Therapy Institute and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society have teamed up to perform an educational experience, “Free From Falls,” addressing fall prevention of those affected by MS. The program will be educational both in curriculum and hands on exercises that are focused on the challenges of MS: balance, strength, stamina, flexibility, and fall prevention.

Individual Assistance

Physical Therapy Institute was blessed with the opportunity to assist in the rehabilitation of a 26 year old gentleman from Honduras who lost both of his arms in a train accident 6 years ago. Jo Lagemann, an Occupational Therapist with PTI, donated her time and talent to Jesus Garcia teaching him how to perform basic needs such as eating, drinking and writing, needs that haven’t been performed independently in 6 years.

Garcia was brought to Little Rock by the efforts of the Honduran mission for Christ the King Church of Little Rock. Garcia was measured and fit with a custom prosthesis by Mike Horton donated by Horton’s Orthotic Lab in Little Rock. After fitting, Lagemann with assistance from Horton began teaching Garcia how to use his new “arm”. Garcia was all smiles as he fed himself, wrote his name, and painted, which was his trade in Honduras, for the first time since his accident.

Youth Athletic Leagues

Physical Therapy Institute believes athletics are an important part of our youth’s physical, mental, and life skill development.

PTI supports and sponsors local youth athletic leagues and organizations to assist in keeping costs down so all children have an opportunity to participate. An active child is a healthy child!